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Turnkey CLIA-Certified Molecular Lab in MA


For Sale: Turnkey CLIA Laboratory in Massachussets is currently set up for molecular testing utilizing 2 PCR thermocyclers, 2 DNA extraction devices, and all necessary accessories. The lab is currently fully staffed and equipped for laboratory testing. One of the owners is an expert lab director and is open to staying on in a consulting capacity as needed to assist any new owners.

CLIA Certified COLA Accredited Laboratory in TX


CLIA Certified COLA Accredited laboratory in TX. This moderate complexity laboratory is currently set up for Hematology testing via a Sysmex analyzer (could be upgraded to high complexity). The laboratory has primarily been used as a reference laboratory for other labs and has not billed insurance. The laboratory is approved for Medicare.

(Novitas) CLIA-Certified Toxicology And Molecular Lab in Ok


Turnkey Oklahoma CLIA-Certified Toxicology and Molecular lab built out for high-complexity testing. The laboratory is set up for toxicology confirmation testing utilizing an AB Sciex 4500 instrument and molecular UTI and Covid via Roche PCR testing. This laboratory is currently active, staffed, and ready for a group to bring in additional testing.

High-Complexity CLIA Certified Lab in IL


Turnkey Illinois lab for sale: This high-complexity CLIA-certified laboratory is currently set up and validated for Covid utilizing 2 Quant Studio 6 PCR instruments. The purchase will include all instrumentation and ancillary equipment such as the hood, pipettes, etc. This is a turnkey, operating laboratory in a well-built space.

New Turnkey High-Complexity CAP-Accredited Lab in Southeast

New Opportunity in the Southeast: Excellent opportunity to acquire a High-Complexity CAP-Accredited turnkey cutting-edge PCR laboratory. This laboratory is fully scaled out in a modern space, to perform molecular PCR testing including Covid on a broad scale. This is an excellent opportunity for a group seeking to move into the industry with a ready-to-go laboratory.

Turnkey CLIA-Certified Toxicology Screening Lab in MA


Turnkey CLIA-Certified Toxicology Screening laboratory in Massachusetts. The laboratory is fully built-out and set up for testing utilizing an AU480 instrument and Orchard Harvest for the LIS. There is no business volume or revenue coming from the laboratory. The laboratory is in-network with both Medicare and MA Medicaid.

Turnkey High Complexity Molecular Laboratory in MI


Turnkey Michigan high-complexity molecular laboratory currently testing for Covid. This laboratory is well-built and utilizes an AB7500 RT-PCR instrument and Thermo Kingfisher for extraction. The laboratory is credentialed through COLA and is in-network with BCBS MI along with Medicare and state Medicaid. The owners are seeking $250k for an outright acquisition of the laboratory assets.

Turnkey CLIA Certified Molecular Laboratory in Alabama


Turnkey Alabama CLIA Certified laboratory currently set up for molecular testing utilizing the complete Bio-Rad CFX setup. This laboratory is currently credentialed with both Medicare and Medicaid of Alabama. The owners are seeking $400k for an outright acquisition of all laboratory assets.

Established CLIA-Licensed Laboratory in Michigan


Established CLIA-licensed laboratory in Michigan currently validated for both toxicology testing and PCR testing. The laboratory utilizes the full Shimadzu 8040 setup for toxicology and utilizes the Biorad CFX96 instrument for PCR. The laboratory is credentialed with BCBS, Medicare, and Medicaid and passed its bi-annual CLIA inspection in 2022.

(Novitas) Profitable Turnkey CLIA Certified Blood Lab


Established, profitable CLIA-certified blood lab available in Novitas. This blood chemistry lab is credentialed with Medicare/Medicaid contracts and BCBS TX and is a true turnkey lab that is fully staffed, equipped with a state-of-the-art LIS system, sales personnel, instrumentation, and has consistent volume. The laboratory performed over 2 million in non-covid revenue in 2022.
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